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        An official website of the United States government, Department of Justice.

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        The Office of Justice Programs offers a wide variety of training and technical assistance, covering grant writing, financial management and a host of topics of interest to criminal and juvenile justice professionals and victim service providers



        This five-part video training series is intended to help tribal grantees fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to safeguard grant funds and ensure funds are used for the purposes for which they were awarded. These online presentations are delivered by William Faith, Staff Account (COPS), Suheyla Lasky, Grants Financial Analyst (OVW) and Michael Williams, Staff Accountant (OJP). The series covers a variety of laws, rules and regulations that affect the financial and administrative management of a grant, from pre-award through post-award to include the closeout process. ?

        https://www.justice.gov/tribal/video/financial-management-principles-federal-grants-tribes-part-1 https://www.justice.gov/tribal/video/financial-management-principles-federal-grants-tribes-part-2 https://www.justice.gov/tribal/video/financial-management-principles-federal-grants-tribes-part-3 https://www.justice.gov/tribal/video/financial-management-principles-federal-grants-tribes-part-4 https://www.justice.gov/tribal/video/financial-management-principles-federal-grants-tribes-part-5



        For additional trainings and other events, see the?National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Justice Events Calendar